Fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Exchange with no middlemen.

( Atomic Swap Technology ? )

Absolutely no data is sent to our server..

We are a group of enthusiast who supports the idea of full decentralization. We developed the exchange allowing to swap cryptocurrencies like BTC-ETH, ERC20-EOS and other by direct P2P interaction of blockchains.

OPD: Our exchange was the first to perform swaps with USDT

Why we are different from other exchanges

0% commission

The exchange is happening between you and other crypto holders (peer-2-peer). No percentage charged of the transaction.


We do not require any registration or personal authentication. (we don’t collect any data about the users)

No 3d party

No-one can interfere with the exchange process

Super fast

You can exchange right now. The transaction is direct and within 2 minutes.

High security

We don’t store your funds or keys so no-one can still your money from us.

True anonymity

No personal data is required, no tracing. Everything works on full anonymity.

Fast exchange

How it works?

(Watch the video)

P2P + atomic swap protocol allowing to exchange cryptocurrency absolutely safe because of the function of the forced freezing of the hash (Alice can not deceive Bob, and Bob Alice).